About Emily

Hi! I’m Emily, and I am a Registered Dietitian who helps busy moms adopt a plant based lifestyle so they can finally slow down, while reconnecting with themselves and the people they love, and feel the best they ever have doing it!

When I discovered plant based eating I was immediately intrigued. I did more research and made the transition myself and really wasn’t expecting to notice much change in myself. But the longer I followed this way of eating, the more I noticed changes I wasn’t expecting. My energy increased exponentially, I was going farther than ever on my runs (and I was 1/2 as tired!), my waistline became more defined, my adult acne cleared up, and I was actually enjoying cooking again.

But the most important of all, was that these changes and the greater compassion that was created through this new lifestyle, connected me on a deeper level with myself and my family.

These changes impacted my life so much that I knew I wanted to help others experience all the wonderful benefits I have. I focus on a more practical approach for busy moms because there are so many strict, rigorous plans out there that are unrealistic. The Plant Based Superpower Mom Community is growing and the support among members has been incredible.