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Hi! I’m Emily!

Before discovering a more plant-based lifestyle I was one tired mama, feeling exhausted ALL the time, depressed, and working REALLY hard at trying to keep my body in check.

I finally decided something needed to change and thought I’d give plant-based eating a try. Once I started eating this way, I noticed SO many things I wasn’t expecting. My energy level increased exponentially, I was going farther than ever on my runs (and I was 1/2 as tired!), my waistline became more defined without even trying, my adult acne cleared up after YEARS of trying pills, washes, and creams, and cooking became more exciting again.

But all of these changes did something else for me too. These new found feelings of peace and compassion that were created through this new lifestyle, also connected me on a deeper level with myself and my family. I rediscovered who I was, and became a better wife and mom because of it. And I did this all without feeling restricted or deprived in any way because I learned to do plant-based eating in a way that best fit ME.

I now help other moms break free from feeling lost, unhappy, and unhealthy, and guide them through a journey to long term lifestyle changes that create energy, confidence, and empowerment every single day.

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