What Motivates You?

Hello Everyone! Doesn't it feel like when things can't get any worse, they do? Or when you finally get ahead, you have to take 2 steps backwards? Yah, story of my life. I actually read a quote the other day on Facebook, and it said:

"When things feel like they are falling apart, they are actually falling into place"

Wow. Never thought of it like that.

I think this goes along nicely with what I wanted to touch on in this blog post. When I was first starting my business, I was ALWAYS working, mostly just because I was trying to figure everything out. I was spending less time with my family, or even just less time paying attention to my family! I started to feel stressed and overwhelmed, and felt like I was "falling apart". But what I didn't realize, was that everything I was doing was actually leading me to place where I could spend more time with family, and doing the things I love. 

I took a step back and reflected on what was really important in my life, and why it is I do what do. I bought a couple books on Mindfulness, started to meditate here and there, and really starting be more present in the moment. What I realized was that my 2 boys are what I truly live for in this world. They are what motivates me everyday, and the reason I continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to be around for my children as long as I can be, and show them that living a healthy lifestyle is well worth it. So when I felt like I was falling apart, second guessing if starting my own business was right for me, I was actually creating a more "in the moment" mindset that I have never had before, which has led me to much greater happiness.

The reason for me saying this isn't so that you go out and start your own business, but for you to realize that when you start to struggle with barriers on a new life journey, such as creating a healthier lifestyle, that it's natural to take the easy way out and fall back into old habits. When you come to a road block on your journey to better health, just bring to mind what motivates you, what is your "why" for doing what you are doing. That you are not "falling apart" or failing, but yet realizing that this is only helping you learn how to over come obstacles to achieving and maintaining a long term healthy lifestyle. You will find greater happiness in the end : )

Have a wonderful day!

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Photo credit: Portraits by Jenna