Keeping it Real During the Holidays

I often get asked questions about how to handle social gatherings since, lets face it, they always revolve around food. But that’s ok because food comforts us, it brings us together, and can bring so much pleasure to our lives.

Unfortunately through information overload and countless attempts at dieting, so many of us have created this love-hate relationship with food. Food is thrown into these “good” or “bad” categories, and makes us feel incredibly guilty every time we “cheat”.

Before I move forward, I do want to say that selecting the foods that will optimally nourish your body is of course important. But we are all human, right? NO ONE is perfect when it comes to eating healthy. I will openly admit I am definitely not! And that is OK!

So what do you do when you are on the right path and the Holidays are fast approaching?

Number 1 is you relax! Don’t get anxious that there may not be enough healthy food there. Worrying is wasted energy. You know your limits so just be sensible with what you eat. Or offer to bring something that you know will be a healthful choice.

Number 2 is relax. Yes, I said relax twice. You are at this special gathering to enjoy the company of your friends and family, so enjoy! Have small portions of food that you would like to eat that may not be the healthiest if it will add to your enjoyment.

Number 3 is to remember (nope, not relax again haha). Remember that there will always be birthdays, and BBQs, and holidays, and graduation, and whatever else. You will always be presented with a social situation that may not present the healthiest options. So I say again, just be sensible. Enjoy but don’t over-indulge.

To sum it up, its incredibly important to practice healthy lifestyle habits as often as possible, but if it starts to impact our life in a negative way, then that is NOT healthy for anyone. Remember there is so much more to healthy living than just what goes on your plate. Social interaction and connection is also a huge component of healthy living, along with many other things.

So as a Registered Dietitian, I give the ok to have that small piece of pie-just don’t tell anyone I said so. Just kidding ; )

Me and my youngest son enjoying the first snowfall in Buffalo for 2018

Me and my youngest son enjoying the first snowfall in Buffalo for 2018