Is the Plant Based Lifestyle the Right Move for You?

I’m back!!!! Its been like 10 years since I last wrote a blog (ok so maybe only a couple months), but I’m excited to be blogging again! My team and I have been busy building the ultimate community for those of you looking for ongoing support, tools, and resources for making the transition to more plant based eating.

I wanted to get back in the blogging game with why I decided to make this transition to plant based eating and some things I have experienced since making this change about 1 year ago. I feel like when I say that that is sounds so miniscule compared to other people I know, but I am proud to announce that I will officially be 1 year plant based next month! 1 year protecting our earth and our fellow animals will be in the books! Yay! And I must admit this has been such an incredible and life-changing experience. Reason being, plant based eating goes so far beyond what you put in your mouth. It’s a total lifestyle change that encompasses how you think, act, feel not only about what you eat, but about yourself and others around you. You are optimizing your health, while sustaining the environment (I don’t know about you, but I like trees), and protecting ALL living creatures on this earth.

When first making the switch, I was confident in my decision, but at the same time felt a little weird telling my friends and family. I got a lot questions, mostly being “where do you get your protein from?”, but the further I got in my journey the more I noticed how many people were supportive of this lifestyle, or looking to make the transition just like me! I sought out Facebook groups and other ways to connect with people living this lifestyle, and ended up being introduced to some of the most passionate and driven people I ever met.

The physical part was incredible too. Being a working mom of two young boys, I was frequently feeling tired and burnt out. But that’s totally normal for a mom of young kids right? To an extent I guess. But I can’t even describe the incredible surge in my energy level I almost immediately noticed. And I want to point out I don’t drink a drop of caffeine either. Never have, never will. Favorable changes in my body were more noticeable as well. I started to slim down around my waist without even trying, and I visually have more muscle tone than I’ve had since high school (that was 15 years ago now!). And the best part….my skin cleared up and literally glows now! I have always struggled with my skin, and who knew all I had to do was to stop eating animal products! My family has been on board as well, which is really great. I will admit my husband still will eat meat from time to time, as well as my children, but this is still fairly new to them, and we are all making strides towards healthier living every day.

So why did I decide to make this transition? As I mentioned above, I was tired ALL the time, and starting feeling unmotivated about work, cooking, and playing with my children. I was also seeking out a specialty area in my health coaching business. What was it that I could provide to clients that would give them the long term, desirable, sustainable, results they were looking for? Well the answer to all the above was plant based eating.

This switch has been a great one for me, and I thank everyone who has helped me grow and change within the plant based community. But you have to decide what’s right for you. If you are looking for some guidance to determine if this is the right path for you, then we would love to chat! Hey, what have you got to lose?