My Plant Based (Vegan) Story

A Brief History
I was never the person who I thought would ever go vegetarian or vegan. Ever. I distinctly recall myself saying in the past several times the infamous, “I could NEVER do that.” It’s funny that we are so quick to respond like that when someone mentions that are “meatless”.

Before I transitioned to this lifestyle (I say “lifestyle” and not just “diet” for a reason which I will explain later), I always thought as vegan or vegetarian as just a personal choice with no real health implications. This sort of naïve attitude continued until I actually learned more about the science and spectacular results behind this way of eating. But first let’s back up.

Where It Started
I have always thought of myself as a healthy eater, hence the primary reason why I decided to become a Registered Dietitian. I wanted to educate people on the power of food, and show them that a healthy lifestyle was worth living.

I started my career in a hospital. It had its rewards, but over time I felt as if I was banging my head against a brick wall with about 75% of my patients. How could they not care that just by eating differently that could save their life? Save their life!!!! I never understood that, and still to this day don’t.

A New Path
I decided to start my own business to try to help more people that really wanted to be helped. My practice grew quickly, but I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled. On the other side of that, with 2 young kids at home, I was often feeling tired and run down. I noticed I wasn’t enjoying the company of my kids like I used to, and it felt awful.

I decided to start searching for that “special” thing that would boost my energy, fill the void, and most importantly, make me happy. By chance I came across a presentation by a very well know Dietitian, Brenda Davis. She spoke about all the wonderful health benefits of vegan eating, while also protecting our earth and fellow living creatures. It intrigued me like nothing else before. I decided to do more research.

The Right Path and Finding Myself
The more I found out about vegan eating, the more excited I became, so I decided to make the transition myself. After about 2 weeks I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. My energy spiked, my endurance during my runs increased exponentially, my recovery after exercise was off the charts, I lost weight without trying, and I was actually excited about cooking again!

The best part is that the longer I ate this way, the more enhanced the results were. And after about 3 months, my skin troubles virtually disappeared! THANK GOODNESS!!! I had struggled with adult acne since college, and have tried virtually every product out there. Some things worked ok, but only temporarily. I never thought that dropping animal products would be the answer to my embarrassing skin problems. Now my skin literally glows. No lie. Glows. It’s glorious not having to worry about how many zits I’m going to wake up with.

Taking It to the Next Level
Naturally I wanted to help others achieve the same tremendous results that I did. I rebuilt my business to focus on plant based eating, and have met some absolutely amazingly wonderful people in the process.  I will forever be grateful to everyone who has been apart of this journey so far-friends, clients, colleagues, professional acquaintances, and of course my husband for being so supportive.

As I mentioned in the beginning this is more than just a diet, it’s a complete lifestyle change that will optimize your health and energy, increase your compassion, strengthen your relationships, and lead you to love your body and most importantly, yourself.

I invite you to find out more about how this journey will look like for you by scheduling a complimentary discovery call. Just click HERE to get started.