Have You Seen the New Whole Foods?

As a whole foods, plant based based Registered Dietitian, I knew it was absolutely essential for me to see the new Whole Foods that opened up in Buffalo ASAP! The hype around here has been crazy about this store, and I couldn't wait to get my foot in the door. As I drove past the parking lot on the day it opened (Sept 15th), the amount of cars was incredible, however I expected nothing less! Having my 2 year son with me, I knew it was safest (he's crazy) to wait unit I was free to roam around the store alone. Finally a place that would hopefully have everything in one place for my plant based eating lifestyle!!

Photo Sep 15, 5 55 12 PM.jpg

I had recently heard from a vegan Dietitian colleague that the one of the previous owners of Whole Foods (store now is owned by Amazon) was a vegan, so my hopes were high. When you first walk in the set up is really great, with bright colored vegetables and lights everywhere. I found the whole raw pig carcasses hanging up behind the butchers to be a little repulsive, so I mostly directed my attention to all the wonderful produce. My sister-in-law commented on Facebook that Whole Foods was like the Disney Land of grocery stores. Hilarious.

The one thing that caught my immediate attention was the whole Jackfruits! Biggest fruit I have ever seen by far. If you are not familiar with Jackfruit, it is the largest tree-borne fruit, that can weigh up to 70 lbs and reach up to 3 feet in length. That's one big fruit. It has a "meaty" inside that can serve as a great substitute for pulled meat. My advice is to get it already canned or packaged, because who knows how long it will take to slice one of this bad boys up!

Photo Sep 15, 6 01 33 PM.jpg

And of you're looking for dessert, check out the vegan ice cream section. FYI the So Delicious Chocolate flavor really is so delicious.

Photo Sep 15, 6 11 45 PM.jpg

Over all I was very pleased with the variety available for plant based eaters, and the pricing did appear similar to Wegmans, from the items that I looked at. Other comments from vegans on Facebook state that they expected more from Whole Foods in regards to variety for plant based eaters, however I was overall very impressed and look forward to my next visit. But you be your own judge and visit them at 3139 Sheridan Dr in Amherst.