5 Days of 5 Green Drinks With Only 5 Ingredients Jumpstart to Optimal Health


I'm Emily, and I help guide people through a seamless transition to plant based eating, to triple energy levels, shed unwanted weight, and feel absolutely amazing every single day.


It's no secret that people nowadays are struggling more than ever with their weight and health. They find their weight bouncing up and down, their medicine cabinet growing every time they visit the doctor, and less pleasure doing things they love because of daily aches and pains.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. You have a choice to take back charge of your health and your life through choosing whole, plant based, healthy foods.


After working together, you can expect to:


  • Lose weight and keep it off for good, putting a stop to the yo-yo dieting cycle

  • Decrease the need for some or all of your medications that you don't want to be on

  • Feel less daily aches and pains

  • Have an increase in energy to better enjoy the people and things you love

  • Feel amazing every single day inside and out

  • Be more confident in your own skin

  • Have a clear understanding of how to make a seamless transition to whole foods plant based eating

  • Have an overall improvement in health and happiness


I had no hesitations about deciding to work with Emily. I knew I needed a professional to guide me through my weight loss. I was gaining weight and not feeling good about myself, and it seemed no matter what I did I wasn’t losing. After working with Emily I feel so much better, my clothes fit better, I have more energy, and I’ve learned to stop eating before I over-indulge. Emily is very knowlegeable and I have already referred others to her.
— Dorothy M

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