Something Was Missing

I was so excited when I first opened my private practice, and would now be able to work with people one on one to help them manage their health or weight. But as I worked with more people in my practice, I realized that the old general healthy eating pattern didn’t have the results I was hoping for. I really wanted to make a difference in helping people live happier and healthier lives. At the same time, I started feeling as if something in my own personal eating habits was lacking. I ate healthy and was living an active lifestyle, but I was often suffering from a lack of energy and all around just not feeling as good as I used to. I had been accepting this as normal with being a working mother of 2, but I was starting to realize something couldn't be right.

Discovering a New Direction

I began to search high and low trying to find what I could give to people (and myself) that would truly make a difference in their life. And then I came across a presentation on plant based eating. I was so intrigued by the power of plant based eating that I wanted to know more and more. As I did more research, I was absolutely blown away. The ability of plant based eating to decrease inflammation, and potentially reverse diseases such as heart disease and diabetes was incredible. And not to mention the incredible impact it has on sustaining the environment (I absolutely adore animals!). I had found the missing link, and knew I had to transition my own eating right away.

Living the Life and I Felt Amazing

I gradually started swapping out the meat, dairy, and eggs for nuts, beans, and more whole foods. Within the first 2 weeks of following a heavily plant based diet, I noticed I was feeling better than ever. My energy was off the charts, my skin was clearer than it had ever been, I had a new-found love for cooking, and my endurance during my runs was increased exponentially. I was helping myself and the environment at the same time, while feeling better than I ever had. Even my husband (meat eater to the core) was taking a liking to my new earthy recipes. I wanted to share this way of eating with everyone I knew.

Birth of RadVegan

I began to put more emphasis on plant based foods in my counseling. I was over-joyed at how many clients were so receptive to incorporating more vegetables, nuts, and beans into their diet. I began to notice that the clients who incorporated the most plant based foods into their diet, were the ones who were truly taking charge of their health and happiness, and feeling amazing. I was finally helping people in the way I had always hoped.



Plant based eating changed my life,

and now I'm enjoying every day more than ever.


I am so excited to help you on this transition to a happier and healthier life.