Episode #2: Transitioning Your Family to the Plant-Based Lifestyle with Dr. Pamela Fergusson, RD

In todays episode, I spoke with Dr. Pamela Fergusson, a Registered Dietitian and strong advocate for the vegan lifestyle. She has over 15 years of broad and diverse experience, and loves working with clients to help them achieve wellness goals and change their life through better nutrition. She has been featured in multiple podcasts, blogs, and conferences, and is actively involved in spreading the message of plant-based positivity.

She shares with us her transition into vegan living, and tips how for you can help your family do the same.

She also talks to us about how our choices are negatively impacting this planet and things we can do to help preserve our precious environment.

My favorite part of the conversation is when we discuss her recommendation for the most eco-friendly plant-based milk.


Enjoy this week’s episode.

pam fergusson headshot.JPG