Episode #6 Changing Your Life and Reclaiming Your Health with Heather Kaufman

In this episode I spoke with Heather Kaufman. Heather shares her incredible story of changing her life, losing over 90#, and reclaiming her health with a whole foods, plant-based diet. Heather and her husband Tim, who also has changed his life through the powers of the whole food plant-based lifestyle, voluntarily spend much of their time educating on and advocating for this lifestyle. They are truly two of the most caring people you will ever meet. Make sure to check out Tim and Heather’s new cookbook, Fat Man’s Not So Fancy 40 Quick and Easy Plant Based Food Recipes

Heather’s Story:

My husband, Tim, started on his plant-based journey in 2011 for his health. He was very sick and desperate—and honestly I was worried he wouldn’t live another year. But now he is in incredible health, and I have seen firsthand the lifesaving results from his new way of eating and other healthy habits.

When Tim made the switch, I fully supported him. I ate more plant-based foods, but for some reason I never went completely plant-based.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid that was bigger than a grapefruit. The fibroid was putting pressure on the ureter to my right kidney, so it had to be removed. In 2015 I had a total hysterectomy. During the surgery and hospital stay I had flashbacks to my mother’s long days and nights at the hospital as she battled leukemia. My dear mother had lost her battle with cancer, and I vowed the day after my own surgery that I would never set foot in a hospital again if I had anything to do with it. While I couldn’t control everything that happens to me, I could control what I put in my body. I flipped the switch and went 100 percent plant-based and never looked back.

As a result of making my health a priority, I have lost 90 pounds over the past three years, and I have become a competitive runner. The running began when my husband asked me to run a 5k with him. Then we did a 10k. After my first half marathon I really fell in love with running and being outside. Running makes me feel free. I love the time away from all the distractions around us, listening to my music, and reflecting on everything I’m blessed with. I love setting goals to become better and I never would have dreamed I would become an ultra-marathoner. The finish lines and medals are fun, but the best part is spending time with my husband and enjoying the running community.

Now that Tim and I are both plant-based and active together, our marriage is thriving. We feel like teenagers, and we’re enjoying life to its fullest. We are passionate about showing others how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle through our classes, social media, and potlucks.

Enjoy this week’s episode.