Episode #8 Finding Your Why with Emily Wood, RD

When it comes to diets, they are only focused on one thing-the physical result. Yes we all want to look good, but when focusing just on the physical we are missing some very key components that help us obtain these desirable changes and make them permanent. 

In this Episode I talk about how mindset and finding your "Why" are the 2 key components that create LASTING DESIRABLE change. We often don't dig deep enough to discover the emotional attachments behind making a change, which is crucial to keeping you motivated on the path to long term success. 

Unlike the million fad diets out there, a plant-based lifestyle ties in all elements to help you feel your best every single day for the rest of your life. My Plant-Based Superpower Mom Facebook Group focuses heavily on mindset, and if you haven't already requested to join, I strongly encourage you to do so HERE. The right support truly is key.

Thanks for listening and enjoy this week's episode.

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