Week 1

Mindset is key

Mindset Video

What is Mindset?

Mindset is defined as our established set of attitudes. It is how feel towards something or someone. There are many people that tell us what they think we should do, but we aren’t going to be successful at something if our OWN mind is not on board.

How Will it Help Me Succeed?

To start any journey, especially one relating to creating a lifestyle change, it is crucial to have our mindset in the right place. Many diet programs fail because they only focus on 2 things-food and exercise. They fail to incorporate getting the mind ready and staying on track.

Think about past diet plans you have followed…..they have given you the what and how of eating, but what about the WHY?

Why the Plant Based Lifestyle is Different?

The plant based lifestyle opens our eyes to the what, how, AND WHY of eating. Incorporating the why helps us see how our choices impact the world around us as well as ourselves. This greater awareness increases motivation for change, and thus impacts our mindset in a positive way.

If you are reading this you are already motivated for change because you have committed this program…so let’s keep that going : )


Finding Your Big Why

Setting goals for yourself is what is going to keep you pushing forward. Not knowing just what you want, but why you want those things is key. The why is connected to your emotions, and your emotions are the decision makers. Take a minute to complete the worksheet below. When you are finished keep it somewhere close by and read your “big whys” every day to keep them fresh in your mind.


Tips for Keeping a Positive Mindset

There will be barriers on your journey that will cause you to become discouraged-our minds favor negativity. But lucky for us, our brains are directional, they do what we say. We need to give it a direction to go in.

Below are some tips to keep you in a positive mindset and knowing that you can live a life of your choosing.

Surround yourself with positive people. Limit as much as possible interacting with people that are negative or “in a bad mood” all the time. They will just bring you down. Who do you like to hang around that is always making you smile or see the bright side of things? Those are your people.

Find a support community. We are naturally designed to thrive in community, which is weird since we are always trying to do everything ourselves! Use the Plant Based Lifestyle Mom and Plant Based Lifestyle Transformation Group as often as you need.

Start your day with intention. Instead of waking up grumbling about work or feeling already overwhelmed about your mile long to-do list, wake up with a plan for things that YOU want to do, and being grateful for living another day of your choosing. Pick at least one small thing that makes you happy and plan on incorporating it into your day. Think about the things in your day that bring you joy and laughter and your mindset will instantly shift.

Celebrate small successes. No matter now insignificant it may seem, celebrate every single success that gets you closer to living a life of ultimate health and happiness. Ditch the traditional celebrations of cakes, booze, and crappy foods of course, but instead reward yourself in some other way. Maybe it is sharing in the Facebook group, or buying a new pair of pants in a smaller size, or treating yourself to that pedicure you have been putting off. Whatever you choose, do something that makes you happy.

Write in a journal. Sit down at night and reflect on the day. When we go back and read our thoughts it can put us in a better place mentally and help us analyze things that may need to change. Some ideas for writing are:

🌸Any new successes

🌸How your energy was

🌸What mood you were in

🌸Any new foods you tried

🌸How your digestion feels

🌸People you have been connecting more with

🌸Any struggles

🌸New goals

The possibilities are endless!


Week 1 Action Plan

1.    Join the Embracing Plant-Based Facebook Group if you haven’t already

2.    Write down your goals and post them in the Group

3.    Purchase a journal/notebook and start tracking progress on your goals.


Week 1 Sample Menu

Simple, nourishing recipes to get you started on your journey