A program designed to give you the freedom and peace of having a body you love and feel confident in everyday, while creating a deeper connection with people you love and fully embracing all that this world can provide to you.

The Plant-Based Mom Mastery


You have tried time and time again, so why keep trying to go at it alone?

Your story is well known to me. You are tired of being unhappy and insecure in your body. You have tried in the past but nothing has given you the long term results you were hoping for. You are feeling stuck and just want to have a body you feel good in, and to stop hiding!

Your weight has been holding you back from doing things that you want to do, and creating a barrier between connecting more deeply with the people you love.

You have been neglecting your own self care and know it’s time to start taking care of you, but you are not sure how

You feel tired way too much and just want to have some energy back

 You are starting to worry about how your bad lifestyle choices are going to impact your kids

All you really want is to…

Feel comfortable and confident in your body every day for the rest of your life

Have increased energy to actually enjoy playing with your kids during the day, and connect with your husband at night

Create a greater sense of presence and mindfulness so life doesn’t feel like it’s passing you by

Know exactly what to do and how to do it so you never have to worry about going on a diet ever again

Nourish your body in a way that will create a new found freedom and peaceful relationship with food forever

Be that role model for your kids that creates a solid foundation of health and happiness that they can be grateful for every day as they grow older


 It is so time to ditch the unhappiness and live a life that fully embraces who YOU are, energizes you, and brings you love, health, and happiness on a deeper level every single day


The Plant-Based Mom Mastery is an exclusive program for moms who are 100% committed to improving energy, reaching a natural healthy body weight, increasing a sense of peace and calmness in her life, and setting the stage for lifelong habits of love, health, and happiness that she can pass along to her kids.


The Plant-Based Mom Mastery is not just for anyone. I only accept moms who are sick of missing out on special moments because her energy level sucks, fed up with being unhappy with her body and hiding under her clothes all the time, done with feeling out of control and disconnected from the people she loves, and are ready to finally decide to make a permanent change to reconnect with herself and her family, and live in the next level of health and happiness for the rest of her life.


We’re probably not a good fit if…

  • You are only kind of committed to making a change

  • You have not yet realized that you are worthy and deserving of the best life possible

  • Having a lower energy level doesn’t bother you, even if you are missing out on special moments with family and friends

  • Always hiding your body is fine with you, even if you don’t feel comfortable with having your husband see you naked

  • You are ok with spending hours of time surfing the internet to find answers for free

  • Not feeling connecting to the people you care about most in your life is something you plan on working on some other time

  • Investing money so you can reach the next level of health and happiness and connect with yourself and the people you love on a deeper level is not a priority

We’re a good fit if…

  • You are 100% committed to making a permanent change and living the life

    you deserve

  • You have made the decision that you’re worth it

  • You are sick of feeling tired and not having the energy to do the things you want to do

  • You are so fed up with hiding your body and not feeling comfortable in your own skin

  • You are done spending all your time searching for the answers and

    feeling sorry for yourself, so you can instead spend that time giving your

    attention to the people you love

  • You want to form deeper connections with yourself and the people you love

  • You are ready to invest in yourself that will change your life forever


What You Will Learn in the Plant-Based Mom Mastery:

  • How to keep a positive mindset and why it is KEY to ultimate success

  • What exactly is plant-based eating and what foods to eat to properly nourish your body to get the results you want

  • The TRUTH behind protein, fat, and carbohydrate, how much you really need, and types to focus on

  • Insight on how to make sure you are getting enough calcium, iron, B12, and other nutrients your body needs

  • An overview on calorie density-can you really eat more and weight less?

  • Common ingredients and how to cook them, plus some tips for cooking oil free

  • How to make plant-based eating easy and affordable

  • Tips for dealing with social situations and non plant-based family and friends

  • Resources for kid friendly foods and how to get your kids eating healthier

  • Techniques for slowing down and bringing more peace, mindfulness, and deeper connections into your life

  • How to use mindfulness to combat food cravings and emotional eating

  • Ideas for healthy snacks and desserts

  • Tips for fully embracing this way of life so you can live in a place of ultimate health and happiness forever


The Plant-Based Lifestyle changed my life. If you are ready to change yours, l’d love to talk with you. Book a call today and let’s see if we’re a good fit : )